Landmarks still found in the Coultervale Area

This is the Coultervale School where Duncan and Jennie's boys went to school.  Quite likely, Duncan would have helped to build it.  It originally had a wooden barn around the back where the children could tie up their horses while they attended school (no school buses in those days).  It was a one room school house when the Days attended school there, but some time in the last 40 years or so it was subdivided into two rooms, so they could have the elementary and the high school in different classrooms.  Not long after, however, it reverted back to an elementary school only, and so the second room was only used for storage or a play area on bad days.  The basement had been used as a play area before that, but the basement had become less habitable by that time.  The school was still used up until about 1970.  There was never any running water in the school, but there were outhouses outside, and a pail toilet down the basement for emergencies.  A well out front not only served the school, but was the source of drinking water for much of the community.
Duncan and Jennie and their children attended church at the Coultervale church.  The original church building that they attended was destroyed by fire, but this one was built on the same spot.  The current church still has church services during the summer months.  It never had running water, but it has an outhouse out back.  Wedding receptions and Fall Suppers were held in the basement, but the drinking water had to be hauled from the school, which is 1 mile south of the church. church
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The Coultervale Cemetery is located about half a mile north of the church.  Duncan has an obelisk shaped stone.  His own grave radiates out on the east side of the stone, while Jennie's grave goes out on the north side, and Duncan's second wife Henreatta, or Fanny is on the south side.  Arnott Day is buried a short distance away, and the cremated remains of his daughter Janice Hoddinott are buried in the same grave.  Jennie's stone has an unusual inscription, instead of giving the date of birth it says "DIED MARCH 1 1917 AGED 54 YEARS 9 MONTHS AND 21 DAYS"