Cecil and his family

Cecil Isaac Day (Feb. 16, 1898 to June 30, 1957) married Elsie Alma Scheel (Sep. 7, 1896 to Feb. 10, 1974) on Nov. 22, 1922.  They had 4 children; Duncan Lloyd Day (Jan 10,1924 - 1998), Vivian Ida Jeanette Day (Aug 23, 1928), Marjorie Lonora Day (Jun 11, 1930 - Oct 24, 2003) and Marian Elsie Day (Jan 17, 1932).   Cecil stayed on the family farm until WWI, when he enlisted.  Soon after his return from service he married Elsie, and his father let them take over the family farm while he moved into town and operated a service station.  During WWII, the government was offering government jobs to former veterans, and since Cecil qualified, he began working at the nearby customs office in Coulter.  Later he moved to the customs office in Cartwright where he continued to work until his death.  Cecil and Elsie were both buried in Cartwright, as is Murray Davidson - Marian's husband.