Bruce and his family

John Bruce Day (Jun 27, 1902-Sep 6, 1955) seems to be the one in the family with the most focus in his life.  He wanted to become a teacher, and as soon as he finished school he attended "normal school" (teacher training) and began teaching.  He married Greta Constance Harvey (Jun 14, 1903 - Jun 15, 1995) on Oct 15, 1924 and continued to be involved in the education system for the remainder of his life.  They had three children; Doreen (Oct 2, 1926), Leona (Jul 7, 1928 - Feb 10, 2003) and Barry (Apr 30, 1934).  Bruce spent his winters teaching, and his summers building on his education by taking summer school courses.  By his early 20's he had become an established teacher and an occasional contributor to educational publications. As an example of one of his earliest publications the following article on indian mounds survives from Circa 1924.